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I'm Back!

2012-02-04 09:32:00 by Evilguy951

My return marks a couple of things, every single one of which shall be disclosed here, starting with a formal revelation of my identity;
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id =100000978900169&ref=tn_tnmn
Second off, my reviewing style is recieving a massive overhal. I have been way too kind, and I am here to provided honest (yet highly cynical) impressions of everything I review from now on.
Thrid, lastly, how are you?

Ok, so Lords has got to be remembered for something. All great games do. Tetris is goddamn perfect, Half Life 2 has an amazing story, Legend of Zelda was mind blowingly innovative, Mass Effect 2 was emotionally affecting, the list goes on and on. One thing WE should be known for is the amount of weapons we have. As this is set in the turn of the 16th century, there will be primitive guns.Also, when I say "depends", I mean on size. Now, here's the full list of WEAPWNS!:
Arquebus(rifle,two hand
Blunderbuss(shotgun,two hand
Pistol(duh,one hand)
(above can't be upgraded)
Battle Axe(depends)
Blowgun(One Hand, poisons)
Bola(Mini whip, one hand)
Bow(Two hand, effect depends on arrow)
Super Bow(Two hand, strength increases damage)
Multi Arrow
Fire Arrow
Power Arrow
Stone Arrow
Caltrop(When used in battle, it does damage over time, one hand)
Cestus(Spiked gauntlet, one hand, no dual wielding damage penalty)
Club(One Hand)
Light Crossbow(Two Hand)
Heavy Crossbow(Two Hand)
Hand Crossbow(One Hand)
Dagger(One Hand)
Dirk(One Hand)
Hook(on a big stick,two hand)
Throwing Axe(One Hand)
Harpoon(One Hand)
Javelin(One Hand thrown, two held)
Knife(One Hand)
Lasso(stuns,two hand)
Morningstar(Two Hand)
Pick(One Hand)
Net(Two Hand)
Spear(varieties below, ALWAYS two hand)
Bec De Faucon(Thick Hook)
Staff(Two Hand)
Sap(One Hand)
Scourge(multi head whip. Whips enrage enemies, one hand)
Sickle(One Hand)
Sling(One Hand)
Stilleto(One Hand)
Bastard Sword(Can switch; one hand does less damage)
Claymore(Two hand)
Falchion(Two handed Scimitar)
Gladius(One Hand)
Short sword(One Hand)
Khopesh(Two handed, sickle looking)
Scimitar(One Hand)
Warhammer(One Hand)
Whip(One Hand)
ARMOR!,from least protection to most protection:
Studded Leather
Bronze Plate
Iron Plate
Steel Plate
Diamond Plate(Good luck finding that. There's a 1:1,000,000 chance you won't)
Or'rauq Leather((Protects more, weighs less. Rarer than leather)
Neryh Chain Mail(All the protection, none of the defense loss over time! Rarer than banded)
Magic Neryh Chain Mail(More protection, gain defense over time. Rarer than Diamond. Yeah, you heard me!)
Amarent Plate( Can be used without magic penalty. Rarer than Chain)
Coif(Chain mail helmet)
Open Fae Helment
Closed Face Helmet
Great Helmet(Like Frosted Flakes, only not edible)
SUPPLIES!(stored in backpack):
Clawed Gloves and Shoes
Flint and Steel
Grappling Hook
Doctor's Bag(Only way to heal broken limbs)
Lantern(Hooded costs extra)
FOOD!(It's in the game if yjou can eat it)
Wineskin(In case you feel like celebrating a Lord dying)
Articles made of said materials:
Cloak(with hood)
IT'S A BUNCH OF LOOTY, CLUSTERFUCKY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-11-14 12:25:39 by Evilguy951

Writing lords is going slowly.
Designed an in-combat hud, looks pretty kewl.
Playing Castlevania:Symphony of the Night. Tis Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-11-03 18:26:29 by Evilguy951

This is horsecrap! Mr Thatguy has proclaimed that you have no choice in dialogue, and that Shale is a human dude no choice. That means I have to rewrite the whole script. It SUCKS.


2010-10-09 11:21:26 by Evilguy951

I just beat Baal in Diablo 2! Holy crap this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm gonna be a Paladin next........

Lords of the Sancty scene 1

2010-09-01 20:59:47 by Evilguy951

Here is The first scene of Lords of the Sancty. the next scene I'll post is 15.

Lords of the Sanctuary
Written by Dylan Blue
Scene 1
Game starts with zoom on small puddle. View is horizontal. A gorehaunter games game fades in to view. Holds for 3 seconds. Metal boot comes on screen from left, crushing words and causing splash. Cue violin music and it slowly zooms up. Zooms to face, Shale (who can be customized) is revealed looking confident. Zooms out to side view, shows Shale walking as background small village scrolls past. Opening credits fade in and out all around Shale as he walks. Closes with "Created by Gorehaunter". Shale goes and sits down, view goes to center fire. Shale is turning head to screen left. Rathsib sits down next to Shale. Camera zooms to Rathsib's face, whose head is turned to Shale.
Rathsib: Slow day huh?
Info box pops up, saying," Use the mouse to select what Shale will say. It's not what he will say exactly. Think Mass Effect."
Shale: (Option 1: I'll say= Tell me about it. Nothing exciting has happened since the plague broke out. Getting pretty boring) (Option 2: What's wrong with you= What are you complaining about? You're one of the few people who likes slow work days.)(Option 3: Who cares= I don't care. I'm still depressed about everyone who died from the plague.) Turns to Rathsib when talks. Perspective mostly always on person you're talking too. Switches to you when you talk.
Rathsib: (Option 1 response: Agreed) (Option 2 response: Heh, I guess you're right) (Option 3 response: It is quite saddening, I must admit) Anyway, you know what's weird? You and I are pretty much the only people who didn't get sick. Then again, we are the protagonists.
Rathsib: Nothing.
Shale: (Option 1: Time to hit the hay= well, we better get some shut eye.) (Option 2: Okay...= Ignoring that, goodnight.) (Option 3: Riiigghhtt= Riiiiggghhhttt. I'm going to bed with my door locked tonight) (Stands up)
Rathsib: (Option 1 response: I think so too. (Option 2 response: Sorry about that.) (Option 3 response: Don't be paranoid, I'm not gonna sneak into your house and eat you.) Good night Shale.
Rathsib stands up and walks away. Shale walks to right. Screen fades to black.

Must stop

2010-08-21 09:59:39 by Evilguy951

Must stop playing diablo 2 can't stop playing diablo 2 why aren't I playing it now i don't know i'm gonna go play....


2010-08-15 13:47:55 by Evilguy951

Real life is more boring then this! Hai!

I'm leaving newgrounds.

2010-06-30 16:25:15 by Evilguy951

The website's just gotten boring for me. Good luck, best of wishes, and gorehaunter, good luck with that new guy.


2010-06-04 20:29:19 by Evilguy951

Guess my favorite 360 game 4 prizes
1: it's an RPG
2: It's the second in the series
3: It's also my favorite game period